The key positions that embody the Audacia Holding



Aiming to gather e-commerce brands and create a hub of expertise in this field, Audacia positions itself as an innovative entity that brings value to the digital companies it supports.

Even though, after acquisition and integration, each e-commerce company maintains a certain independence, they can benefit from significant knowledge sharing, experiences, and expertise. By following this business model, Audacia seeks to promote inter-company synergies, whether the companies operate in a similar sector or not, but also to achieve economies of scale.

We offer you a quick overview of the different positions, occupations and key roles that embody the Audacia ecosystem and contribute to the success of an e-commerce brand, and more broadly, of a private investment holding. Let’s start!


At Audacia, the “administration” department includes the following positions:


– Human Resources Manager

– Finance Manager

– Executive Assistant

– Accountant

– Administrative Assistant

Serving as true links between the companies in the group, the administrative positions are the foundation of the holding structure that connects the different brands. These key roles manage the administrative and financial aspects of the acquired companies in a centralized manner, as well as everything concerning Audacia Group as a whole. In this way, managers of each company are relieved of often time-consuming administrative tasks so they can focus mainly on the performance and development of their brand.


A manager with experience in business management and in the e-commerce sector is placed at the head of each company being part of Audacia Group. Freed from the tasks assumed by the administrative department, managers then focus all their efforts on the proper functioning and development of the brands they are responsible for. Supported by the direction and cross-functional administrative positions, they make strategic decisions regarding the activities of their e-commerce brand.


Any company active in e-commerce must have a dedicated marketing department. This essential aspect of online commerce is also one of the main pillars of the e-commerce ecosystem at Audacia. Positions in this area include key profiles such as graphic designers, content managers and creators, and “all-around” marketing professionals.

Mostly attached directly to a company, the marketing collaborators handle, through a multitude of channels, promoting the brand, achieving the set goals of the e-commerce site, and meeting the needs of a clientele in a given market. Guided by changes in online consumption habits and always on the lookout for digital trends and innovations, they leverage various digital tools – social media, email marketing, SEO and SEM – to promote their products or services.


The technological part is a fundamental aspect for an e-commerce site. “Tech” encompasses professionals working on the web infrastructure of an online store. This includes full-stack developers (front-end and back-end), DevOps Engineers, and UI/UX designers. With strong knowledge and rich experiences in software engineering, Audacia’s “tech” teams are always on the lookout for the latest technological innovations in the sector.

The IT aspect of an e-commerce site playing an essential role in its operation, it is necessary to develop a solid, scalable infrastructure that can handle the load demanded by millions of monthly visits on the platforms. Each brand must ensure that its websites, applications, and/or interfaces meet the technical, but especially business needs of the company. 

Customer Service

Everyone knows the critical importance of customer relations in commerce, even more so in e-commerce! The brands in the Audacia portfolio have support operators who ensure a available, responsive, and understanding customer service to best handle client requests and guarantee, if necessary, optimal after-sales service.

Logistics and Production

In e-commerce, where there is a product, there is also logistics. The acquired companies offering products have their own logistics and production department, all centralized at Audacia’s site. Brands that directly manufacture their products for online sale can rely on operators who ensure the smooth operation of the production site, from the supply of raw materials to packing and sending orders to customers. Other brands offering products can count on a dedicated storage space and logistics operators who handle the reception, storage, and shipping of products


Finally, bringing several companies under one roof also involves providing physical and IT infrastructures. Common spaces such as offices, kitchens, and parking are maintained to offer an optimal and pleasant working environment for collaborators. The IT infrastructure manager, responsible for the proper management of the network and servers, also ensures that all collaborators have adequate work equipment (computers, printers, machinery, etc…).

Do you think your profile matches some of the key positions or professions at Audacia? Stay tuned for our latest job offers!