Already a year without carbon



As a member of the Ecologi platform, at Audacia Group we’re celebrating our first year of having a climate positive workforce. Through reforestation of several forests (thanks in particular to the NGO Eden Reforestation Projects) and by reducing our carbon footprint, we’re trying to do our part to help preserve our environment.

In the space of just one year, Audacia has planted more than 250,000 trees in Madagascar, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Uganda and Kenya’s forests. In addition to intelligent reforestation, Audacia’s financial support also contributes to the development of other global, environmental projects, such as wind and solar power generation. All of this adds up to approximately 1,000 tonnes of carbon reduction, the equivalent of 689 long-haul flights or 2,693 m2 of polar ice spared.

Why is it important to invest in environmental conservation now? Although it’s not enough on its own, we’re trying to do our part towards an escalating and pressing environmental and climate crisis. Our planet is our future and everyone must play their part to help preserve it. Here in Switzerland, nestled in the midst of (almost) untouched nature and vast forests, we don’t normally think about the disappearance of “green gold” on the other side of the world. But it’s happening and we’re aware of it, so we’re trying to do something about it, at our level.

Despite our heavy involvement in the digital and technological world at Audacia, environmental awareness and the desire to preserve Mother Nature is no less important to us. Through Ecologi, we plant trees and support various projects in order to offset the environmental footprint of our workforce, but also the environmental impact of the digital industry, which is one of the main challenges for companies today – and in the future.