The business of divination and spiritual coaching online



Accelerated by the health crisis and the strong digitalization of services, the use of divination arts and spiritual life coaching has also exploded online. Here’s a brief overview of this niche market in which Audacia has invested.

What are the divination arts?

Divination encompasses techniques used to attempt to reveal and explain various kinds of information about the future. Astrology, tarot reading, or palmistry, all these practices are part of the divination arts. Existing for millions of years, divination arts include all the methods that aim to provide answers to sentimental, professional, or financial problems for those who consult them.

Often considered as unfounded, these “parasciences” may suffer from a lack of scientifically proven efficacy. Yet, interest in divination arts, especially online, has been evident for years.

Divination arts and spiritual coaching: a definite craze

Over the years, interest in divination arts has skyrocketed, whether it be physical consultations and now, almost exclusively, online. According to a French study by IFOP conducted at the end of 2020:

58% of participants claim to believe in at least one discipline of the divination arts.

Astrology is the most popular method, ahead of, among others, palmistry, clairvoyance, numerology, and cartomancy.

More than a quarter of the French have consulted a specialist at least once in their life.

– The consultation rates for clairvoyance have significantly increased from 1986 to 2020.

Estimated at 2.1 billion by the New York Times in 2019, the American market for divination arts would now be soaring. Just for astrology, the global market was valued at nearly 13 billion dollars in 2021 and is expected to reach 23 billion by 2031. Venture Capital firms already saw potential in this sector before the pandemic. Since 2020, it’s needless to say that business opportunities have multiplied.


The key figures about divination arts and spiritual life coaching online.


The explosion of online fortune-telling and other divination methods

Gone are the crystal balls, tarot cards, and empty coffee cups of in-office consultations, online divination arts have exploded. Why? Let’s mention the increasingly central role of the internet in society and the continuous development of digitalization, as well as the psychological consequences of the Covid-19 health crisis.

Astrology, numerology, or dream interpretations, consultations have multiplied on both mobile applications and specialized websites. Whether by phone, chat, or email, those who consult now have access to a wide range of experts ready to respond to their requests. Following a global health crisis and the constant deterioration of individuals’ mental states, consumers are seeking answers and comfort in these parallel sciences.

Internationally, as post-pandemic examples, mention the rise in revenue for astrology mobile apps in the United States, the boom in online fortune-telling in Hong Kong, and the phenomenon of crypto-amulets in Thailand that testify to the rise of online divination arts.

Divination arts: a niche market in which Audacia has invested

In 2020, Audacia acquired the Swiss company Satina, which operates two leading spiritual life coaching platforms in French and German-speaking markets. Alexandre Bonvin, founder and CEO of Audacia, immediately saw the potential in this sector: “the connection of experts and clients is a technology that can be exported to other areas than just divination or other divination methods.”


key figures of Satina before acquisition by Audacia in 2020


For now, the online divination arts market is booming. The platforms operated by Satina distinguish themselves by the number and quality of their experts, their attractive pricing, and their ability to develop advanced features. The various communication channels (chat, written, or phone) and diversification in payment methods are other strengths of these online platforms.


Key figures of Satina, after the acquisition by Audacia in 2023


Somewhere between a fashion phenomenon, psychological support, or a desire for research and personal development, online divination arts, whether astrology, clairvoyance, or tarot reading, enjoy a definite craze that is not likely to cease anytime soon.